Buying Guide for a Belling Freestanding Cooker

Posted on: 19 March 2015


Belling appliances have gained popularity over the years due to the quality of delivered service, durability and the availability of choices. If you are considering replacing your old cooker with a freestanding model, you will find a range of models designed to suit different lifestyles and budgets. It is vital for you to choose an item that will meet your exact practical requirements and personal preferences. Consider using these simple guidelines to identify which cooker is right for you.

Fuel Type

The choice of fuel when purchasing a Belling freestanding cooker depends on the availability of supply and personal inclinations. Gas cookers are ideal for homes with reliable supply and it provides power to the oven, hobs and the grill. The main advantage of this choice is that there is instant heat when switched on and you can manage the hobs more efficiently. Electric cookers require 30 Amp supply and they are favoured because they provide consistent heating during operation and high oven energy efficiency. On the other hand, the electric hobs have slower response and they take longer than gas alternatives to cool. If you have access to gas and electricity, the best choice is the dual-fuel freestanding cooker. With this item, you will have consistency and immediate heat through the gas hob as well as the efficiency and uniformity of electric ovens.


Belling freestanding cookers can be purchased in three standard sizes and your choice will be dictated by the general size of the kitchen space. The room configuration may also be factor because the placement will be affected by the dimensions of the space that is set aside. You can get products with a width of 50cm, 55cm or 60cm.

Oven Type

You can choose a cooker with a single or double oven. The single variant can have an integrated or separate grill while the double has two oven compartments and a grill. In addition, there are three types of electric ovens; conventional which requires pre-heating, fan-assisted which has a fan that promotes air circulation and multifunction which incorporates conventional heating, fan and grill functions for optimal performance. You can purchase different configuration and type combinations. For instance, the FSE61iS model has a multifunction double oven.

Extra Features

Consider purchasing Belling cookers with additional features that enhance the cooking experience. Flame Safety Device is a feature designed to turn off the gas supply if the flame blows out. You can choose cookers with a minute-minder or programmable timer and easy-cleaning features such as enamel-coated ovens.

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