Why You Should Upgrade to the LED Light Bulbs

Posted on: 12 October 2015


Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are deemed to be the most exciting technological advancement happening in the global lighting industry. LEDs are small light bulbs, long lasting and extremely efficient in terms of energy utilization. The technology used in LEDs works in a way that is totally different to how the standard incandescent bulb works, making these lights far more durable and very rugged. 

Because LEDs are focused, they are very handy in locations where you need specific lighting such as security and night lights, spot lights, accent lighting, reading lights, and desk lamps. An increasingly popular one is the rechargeable portable LED work light due to its versatility and energy efficiency.

Today, there are lots of reasons why you should upgrade your lighting to the new LED lights:

Better Energy Efficiency

When it comes to energy usage, LED lights are highly efficient and are proven to consumes a few percentage less of power when pitted against incandescent bulbs. For example, the long lifespan of the 10w rechargeable portable LED work light is likely to dramatically bring down your utility costs when you compare to what the traditional fluorescent tubes consumed. Additionally, LEDs would serve you very well if you happen to be using solar panels, as they have low power consumption.

Improved Safety Records

This is among the leading benefits of the LEDs as they are not hot when you touch them. This is because they practically generate no heat and can be left on for many hours without fear if you accidentally touched them. That attribute greatly reduces the risk of accidental burns and fires.

Durability and Lower Maintenance Costs

The LED lights technology normally employs semiconductor material in place of filament or neon gas. Because they are not using fragile components like glass and filament, they are more durable and can withstand extreme temperatures, vibration and shock.

They are Environmentally Sound

Unlike fluorescent lights, LEDs are made from non-toxic materials. They contain no mercury, are recyclable, and are 'green', contributing to an environment that is healthier.

Broad Colour Variety

LED lights are accessible in a variety of base colours such as red, amber, green and blue. When you want more colour options, you can blend LEDs together to generate millions of additional options.

LED lights are a continually advancing technology that is fast becoming the preferred lighting solution. They are appropriately positioned to replace the standard incandescent light bulbs.

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