4 Appliances You Should Consider During Your Kitchen Renovation

Posted on: 20 January 2016


Are you wondering about what appliances you should equip your kitchen with after you have renovated it? If yes, read on and discover some modern kitchen appliances that would transform the way you prepare meals and entertain your family and friends.

A Steam Oven

People are becoming increasingly health conscious. Consequently, many are adopting cooking methods that preserve the nutritive value of food. A steam oven does just that and a lot more. The steam oven cuts down the duration of time that food needs in order to be cooked. Previously, the cooking time was made longer so that the amount of heat used by an oven cannot burn the food. No such caution is needed when you are using steam. That's why you can now cook your meal in a fraction of the time that conventional ovens use to prepare the same meal. This oven can also be used to sterilise the bottles that you use to feed your baby or for projects like canning.

A Pivot Faucet

These innovative faucets can be rotated 360 degrees. They can also be extended over varying distances depending on the specific model that you install. This faucet enables you to channel the water where you want it (such as when cleaning the countertop). You can pick a faucet with a finish (such as matte or chrome) that complements the rest of the appliances in your revamped kitchen.

Integrated Beverage Center

You may no longer need a separate wine fridge, a drink mixer and other appliance used to chill drinks if you install a built-in/integrated beverage center. Some have zones whose temperature can be controlled independently so that you can choose which drinks should be cooled and which ones should be chilled. You can also opt for a freestanding version of this appliance in case you are the type who likes to move things about after a while in order to make the kitchen look different.

A Microwave Drawer

You can preserve valuable kitchen space by installing a microwave model that does not need to be placed on a countertop or under a cabinet. Buy a model that can be used by pulling a cabinet drawer into which it is stored. Your children will find it easy to use such a microwave because they will not have to climb onto a stool in order to reach the countertop.

Explore the different modern kitchen appliances available before you pick a new set of appliances for your kitchen. You can also talk to a kitchen renovation professional from a company like Cavallo Kitchens for advice about the latest gadgets available for modern kitchens.