Top 5 essential kitchenware items

Posted on: 9 December 2016


God is in the detail, the saying goes. And whilst the aim may not be to achieve a godlike kitchen, you still want to ensure that you and your family have the perfect kitchen to fit your needs. It's the smaller details that will make this possible. You'll have your cabinets and worktops sorted as well as your cooker. But what appliances should go with them? Take a look at the top five kitchenware items that every home needs to ensure the little details make for a perfect whole.

5. Electronic Scale - The old style weighing scales just don't cut it anymore. You always needs to be resetting the dial, and you have to incorporate the weight of the tray into it. It was never one hundred per cent accurate anyway. So, why would you cling to these relics? It's time to get up to date and purchase an electronic scale for your kitchen. They have been proven to be more accurate, even by the fact that it gives you measurement reading spot on to the decimal point. That means no more peering as close as you can to the pointer and getting eye strain.

4. Egg Topper - You may think it sounds ridiculous to list an egg topper as an essential item. Maybe you're forgetting what a staple breakfast for the family a boiled egg, or dippy egg as many children call them, can be. You're also forgetting how difficult it can be to crack and remove the top of the egg. Egg topper's are easy to use; just position it where you want it to cut the egg, release the handle and you're done. Essential kitchenware doesn't come much more essential than making your life easier.

3. Set of Pans - When looking for the perfect set of pans you may look to ensure they are non stick, you may have to choose between ceramic or stainless steel, or it may come down to which colour best matches your kitchen. However you choose it's essential that you have a complete five or eight piece pan set.

2. Cutting Board - These come in so many different styles and are made out of so many different materials, it's tough to know which one is best. Obviously style comes down to your personal taste, but you want something durable and hygiene friendly. You can't really go wrong with plastic or wood. Wood is more durable, but plastic is easier to wash off and re use. Remember to consider size and storage when making you choice.

1.Set of Knives - Every kitchen needs a good set of knives. Again, a nice big set is what's needed. Best of all they come in a storage block with knife sharpeners included when you place them back into their slots. This saves time on having to sharpen the knives every once in a while. Get a good variety of knives because you never know what occasion you're going to need them for.