4 Things to Look for When You're Buying a Refrigerator for the Office

Posted on: 24 July 2017


Your office is going to need a refrigerator to make sure your team can store theirs snacks, treats, drinks and lunches. You'll want to make sure you pick up a fridge that is ideal for the office, so here are just four things to look out for.  

1. Fridge Space Beats Freezer Space

If your entire office is going to be sharing a fridge, you're naturally going to want there to be plenty of space, but it needs to be the right kind of space. You shouldn't eliminate the freezer section entirely; who knows when someone will want to throw in some leftovers to eat throughout the week or buy a couple of ice creams for everyone in summer. However, you'll want to only have a very small amount of space given over to freezing. Far more people are going to need the basic fridge section, rather than the freezer space.

2. Double Doors Are Ideal

If you're going to be picking out quite a large refrigerator, it makes a lot of sense of go for double-door option. The main for reason for this is that double doors will provide a lot more interior door space. One of the areas that commonly gets crowded quickly in communal fridges is the door shelves. People will want milk for their tea or coffee, juices for a quick drink, chilled water during the summer, or space for taller pieces of Tupperware containing soup or smoothies. The door shelves are often the only area to provide that kind of vertical space.

3. Going Green Pays Off

Some people don't bother opting for a high-efficiency refrigerator since they come at a slightly higher initial cost, but you should definitely make the investment for an office fridge. Remember, all your people are going to be opening and closing the fridge a lot during the day, and it's when a fridge is open that hot air gets in, cold air gets out and more energy is required for proper running. Also, most eco-friendly fridges will have a holiday mode function, perfect for reducing energy bills during weekends or long holidays.

4. Open-Door Warnings Are a Must

Finally, make sure you look for a refrigerator that sounds an alert if the door is left open for more than a minute or so. During break times or lunch, people are going to be in and out, opening and closing the fridge, and it's more likely for the door to get left open when lots of people are using it at once. And if the door is left open at the end of the day, nobody is going to notice until the morning.